Allchin Traction Engine


1/2 size model

Six inch scale model of a 1912, 4 shaft traction engine (Royal Chester) built by WM Allchin of Northampton .

The drawings and castings, which were one of only six sets made, were supplied by Severn Lamb to the late Hubert Edwards of Talsrnau North Wales.

Mr Edwards built the engine over a 5 year period and it was completed in 1982 then extensively rallied in the North/Mid Wales area.

In 1992 the engine was dismantled for its 10 year boiler inspection and re-tubing. Mr Edwards died before the work was completed.

The engine was then left until the autumn of 2004 when the Walker family of Stanmore were asked by the then owner Mrs F Edwards to overhaul it. The Walkers returned the engine to a useable condition and in spring 2006.


Tregwylan at Lower Priory Farm in the summer sun



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